Indian Tribe´s Sitka

Born: 2009-03-17

Position: Lead

Height: 55 cm

Weight: 22 kg

Sitka could be taken from a Duracell advert. She seems tireless and just running and running and never runs out of batteries.

She´s a determined girl who keeps weight on well and dosen't need much food to maintain. Shes one of our reliable lead dog who never tires and has produced a wonderful litter.


SE14096/2011 Macadamia Of Jedeye (male)

SE50854/2013 Indian Tribe Husky's Lenno  H

SE50855/2013 Indian Tribe Husky's Wapi  H

SE50856/2013 Indian Tribe Husky's Yuma  H

SE50857/2013 Indian Tribe Husky's Nova  T

SE50858/2013 Indian Tribe Husky's Taipa  T

SE50859/2013 Indian Tribe Husky's Paloma  T

SE50860/2013 Indian Tribe Husky's Mika  T

SE50861/2013 Indian Tribe Husky's Lomasi  T

Indian Tribe Huskys & Wildcats

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