Indian Tribe´s Nina

Born: 2012-08-03     

Position: Lead/Point

Height: 54 cm

Weight: 19 kg

Nina is one of the cutest and most wonderful dogs we have in our kennel. Extremely people friendly and she would be impossible to show at a dog show. She just lies down and want to be scratched on her belly. Still a very nice and driven sled dog and a very good pace holder in co-lead. Very good looking. Nina got two puppys now autumn 2016 that we will keep both. They are really nice built and that kind of "listener" that we want to have in our puppys.


SE36643/2011 Indian Tribe Husky's Chocone (male)

SE49967/2016 Indian Tribe Husky's Rozene T

SE49968/2016 Indian Tribe Husky's Atasi T

Indian Tribe Huskys & Wildcats

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