Born: 1999-06-09     

When Danitza came to us she was afraid of men but already after 10 min she showed confidence in Donald and after about four months with us she went up to all men, as long as they did not have a baseball cap.

She was a great lead dog and her offsprings are fantastic and their offsprings as well.


S19272/98 Unisak's Yukon River (male)

S46709/2001 Loppan's Love Kiehtan  H 

S46706/2001 Loppan's Love Kahela  H 

S46707/2001 Loppan's Love Tai-Chi  H   

S46708/2001 Loppan's Love Feng-Shui  T 

S46710/2001 Loppan's Love White Spirit  T

S61856/2002 Glying Carpenter's Cajus (male)

S62046/2002 Indian Tribe Husky's Kickapoo  T

S53455/99 Aslakkgårdens Toy  (male)

S25431/2004 Indian Tribe Husky's Comanche  H

S25432/2004 Indian Tribe Husky's Comox  H

S25433/2004 Indian Tribe Husky's Cascade  T

S25434/2004 Indian Tribe Husky's Wea  T

S57943/2005 Chuck  (male)

S60800/2006 Indian Tribe Husky's Pomo  H   

S60801/2006 Indian Tribe Husky's Pima  T 

S60802/2006 Indian Tribe Husky's Little Osage  T   

S60803/2006 Indian Tribe Husky's Ozette  T   

S60804/2006 Indian Tribe Husky's Natches  T   

S60805/2006 Indian Tribe Husky's Nadota  T   

S60806/2006 Indian Tribe Husky's Lummi  T 

Indian Tribe Huskys & Wildcats

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