Our Cats


We started up the cattery in 2010, is a member of TICA and CFA. Both breeds is not approved in SVERAK, the Swedish cat club yet, but we keep our fingers crossed that it will happen in a near future.

We got hooked up to these breeds because of their appearance and character. Both are very small breeds, compared to many other breeds,

so it will be a real challenge to take on these and try to get the typical wild look as they should have

We´ll conduct our breeding in relatively small scale with the help of good co-owners and in cooperation with other catteries.

In the current situation, we have cats and cooperation with cattery Af Thors, Elisabeth af Thor for the Bombays,  and Laila Karlsson living at Gotland for the Pixie-Bob´s


Bhrough tarantula before wherever frog far across ubiquitously and rash that  disrespectfully.

Indian Tribe Huskys & Wildcats

Maria Gustafsson & Donald Eriksson


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